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Otautau Connect is part of New Life Churches New Zealand. We are located in at 13 Chester street, Otautau with a new facility being constructed on Main Street. We love and worship Jesus and have a culture of loving and honoring each other in our community. We love to build healthy families, strong marriages, life long friendships and committed disciples of Jesus.


Come and be a part of our family!

Our Vision Statement could be summed up in these 3 powerful actions:

Loving Jesus, Growing Together, Serving our World.

Jesus taught us to pray: Let your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. We hope and pray for more heaven and earth collisions; for light to push out darkness, for peace for our souls, for hope to arise in a desperate world, for healing where there is hurt and disease.

We long for people to connect with Jesus and their God given destiny and purpose in life.

We desire a world with more kindness, compassion and love; for more of God’s presence, glory and power.

We realize that God, through Jesus, has placed us here as agents of that change and we believe we are to display his love in action by simply stopping for the one, reaching out and serving our world as we love Him and grow together.

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